Friday, September 28, 2007

I just sent a pkg. off to Cheyenne River Rez, today. This little hat was in my stash of stuff waiting for a destination.

I also made another hat from Bernat DenimStyle and sport WoolEase, 2 stranded. I think I used a size 10US circ. and I cast on 56 st. It went in the mail without me making any notes in my knitting journal, but I'm guessing that it was aoabut 3 sts to the inch on Nothing fancy, just 1 x 1 ribbing around face and then st. st. and evenly spaced decreases for the crown.

These are the socks that I made for DGS A. They are WoolEase in the color called Wood.

Needles: size 5 US circs. 2s on2c

Gauge: 6 st.= 1 inch

Cast on: 52 sts.

1 x 1 ribbing for about 2 inches

Remaining cuff: 2 x 2 ribbing

Reg. heel flap, turn and gussett.

Reg. toe decrease.

Foot length from back of heel to tip of toe is 10.5 inches for a kid with size 8.5 mens shoes.

These are a woodsy camo color that he will love.


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