Monday, October 14, 2013

Nice shop hop today

We had a nice day at Lavender Cottage Quilts today.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Hats for HAIN

these are the hats that I made for HAIN for the fall Children's Drive.  I mailed them today.  Those bright pink hats were so much fun to make.  I will be  making more of those styles.  Most of the hats were rather plain, but they will warm.  There are also some purchased hats in the box that went in the mail pics of them, tho.  I tried to make a variety of sizes, since kids come in all sizes, too.
   Now I have started knitting and crocheting hats for dd Kimmie's collection at her workplace.  Also, will start looking for the yarn to complete the round robin#3 blanket that has been patiently waiting for an edging.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Susie gets a new hat.

 Jimmy is taking a break from hat modeling.  So, being the sweet little girl that she is Susie came to the rescue.  She is modeling my latest creation for Heavenly Angels in Need(HAIN).
I used I Love This Yarn(which I don't) for this and the hats I posted yesterday.  Embellished with purple Simply Soft and some black faux fur yarn.  I hope some 8 or 10 yr. old will love it.
I have a never ending supply of yarn, so while I was searching for the faux fur yarn I found a lot more yarn to try using up.  My dh says it multiplies in the boxes, LOL.
Gotta go choose the next yarn for the next hat for HAIN.   I saw some blue denim colored yarn in the stuff I found today, I'm thinking I'll knit a boys beanie with it.  Crocheting is so much faster, but I really prefer knitted hats for boys and to be fair I really need to do a few for boys, too.  Now, to find some knitting needles the right size. TTYL

Friday, October 14, 2011

Nearly a year?! Oh My!

I would be embarrassed if it weren't for the kind of year that we have had. We moved 400 miles after months of searching and delay after delay when we finally did find a house.
Anyhoo, here are pics of 2 hats that I crocheted in the last 2 days for Heavenly Angels in Need.
No pattern, just a basic crocheted hat and when it was 'long' enough I did a row of single crochet from the wrong side to form the turn for making the band. Poor Jimmy he always gets stuck wearing the girls hats for pics. He's such a good boy. The second pic is of a teen/adult size hat made the same way as the one with the purple band. I just improvised to create the flower. These hats and a dozen others that were knitted will be going to Diana with the HAIN group to distribute to needy children in Nov.
I also need to whip some hats out for a collection done at my dd's place of employment. Better get going, eh?

Monday, October 25, 2010

More hats, gowns, wraps for HAIN

These precious little things went to Heritage Hospital in NC on October 14. A gagle of little hats went with them, but I forgot to get pictures before the package was sent. 8-) I received a very nice thank you note from Mark H in IN for the little hats that I sent his way on the 14th. Now I have 3 little gown/ hat and blanket sets going on the hooks. Good thing I pick up crochet hooks and needles at yard sales...sure helps when I have several projects going at once.

Here are my 'girls' waiting patiently for us to get done with chores outdoors. Aren't those some cute little smiles? LOL

This is the latest batch of little goodies that I crocheted for Heavenly Angels In Need.
Some of these will go in the mail this week.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Hats off to Sundays

What is more fun on a lazy -warm Sunday in southwest Michigan than crocheting a couple of
childrens hats for
Heavenly Angels in Need? I can't think of anything I'd rather be doing.
The first little hat is called Jayde and and was made with 1 strand of white fingering and 1 strand of green fingering...both unknowns from the stash that I acquired some time ago from a huge yard sale.

The second little number is called Butterfly and made from 2 strands of the green mystery yarn that I used in the first hat. Both hat patterns are from Vallieskids blog. She has a lot of really cute kids hat patterns on her blog and I appreciate all her effort to design and share the patterns.
Off, to bake some whole wheat buns for grilled burgers later. Yummm!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Crocheted Baby hats

I made these for Heavenly Angels in Need a couple weeks ago, but haven't sent them out yet.

I made the ones in the second picture over the last couple of days. They go so fast. I used the 'Roundy' pattern from Bev's Country Cottage website. I have emailed a photographer who requested hats on the Heavenly Angels In Need group to offer them to him for taking pictures of preemies.

Have made 3 more today, no pics yet.