Sunday, March 23, 2008

Snow, snow, and more snow!

We had ourselves a really good snowstorm Friday. these pics were taken yesterday.

My poor little Bitsie girl was past her little tummy in snow even in the areas that had been blown fairly clear of the snow.

Pudgie forges the trail and Bitsie follows. They both think their parents were snowplows. Aren't they cute in the nice warm sweaters that their 'momma' knitted for them? It sure keeps the snow and ice balls from forming on their chest and upper legs.

These brave daffodils are freezing their little petals off! They thought spring was here, silly things.

Today was cold but sunny and made for a nice ride to DD#1s for a big family dinner. I started a pair of socks for the kids in the orphanage at Akkol on the ride there and back. This is what I got done on them. I'm using some donated wool that is about sport or dk weight and size 3 circ. needles. Cast on 56 st. 1x1 ribbing followed by k3, p1, for the remainder of the cuff. these will be 11.25 inch in the foot length, another pair of bigguns.

And I have been making soap again. these are sunflower soaps that I colored with red palm oil at 20% of the total oil. They are actually a nice pumpkin color. Not what I was after, but a very nice color. I've made 2 batches since then with less red palm oil and the 3rd batch was perfect. When it comes out of the mold there will be pics. This soap is for DD#1, for her b/day gift basket of bath and body goodies. Now to see what else I can get done before her b/day on april 9.

Ta, DJ


At 4:49 AM , Blogger Knitman said...

How I envy the snow. Thank you for your kind comments on my blog this morning.


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