Sunday, January 08, 2006

Knitathon and Rant

I finished a pair of CIC socks and am going to do the toe decreases on another pair of CIC socks when I get off the puter. When those are done I will go back to booties for the Knitting for Children yahoo groups Knitathon. I started a pair early this a.m and just have about 8 rows of ribbing to do on that pair and then I will start another pair and see how many I can get done before the knitathon is over at midnight EST.
Time to vent. I took a tax preparation class the third week of December. It was a farce right from the first day. I saw the handwriting on the wall, but decided to stick it out anyway. Which I shouldn't have done anyway because my back and hip were flaring up so bad that I really couldn't concentrate. We were told on the last day of class (testing day)Fri. the 22nd that we would be notified on the following monday if we passed the class and there would be a staff meeting on that thursday. We were told that if we didn't hear anything that meant that we didn't pass the test.
Here we are Sunday January 8 and at 2 oclock this afternoon I was called and told that I am scheduled to work tomorrow from 9 a.m. Til 2 p.m. Whaaaaaaaa!???? When I didn't receive a call I thought that I had failed the test. DUH!!!! I am just so irritated that they would assume that they could just call me and tell me that I was to come in tomorrow morning and expect that I would just run right in there. Not!!!!!
To back it up a little here: the first day of class there were about 18 students and only 3 and sometimes 4 computers working. That was my first clue. Everyday we were told that we would be getting computers “tomorrow”. Well, you guessed it, tomorrow never came. On the last day of class there were about 12 of us left in the class and only 5 or 6 computers. We had to take turns taking our test. What a rinkey-dinkey outfit!!!! I won't name them, but I will say that it wasn't H&R Block.
I am still fuming and it is almost 4 hours since they called. I am not going to work for them. And I am not going to call them to tell them, either. I can play their game just as well as they can. So, There!!!
Gotta go click my needles,


At 9:07 PM , Blogger Marguerite said...

I wouldn't go either. They might just forget to pay you.


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