Saturday, January 07, 2006

Finished my 'ugly socks'

I finished my 'ugly socks'. they are made with Phildar Prognostic. I would never use this yarn again. Or at least that is how I feel today. I wish that the lace design on the cuffs would show up better. Oh, the trials of not having flash on the They haven't been worn or washed yet. So I should probably reserve judgment. As mentioned in a previous post, I just had to have this color(a nice med. loden) and the LYS didn't have real sock yarn in this color. So it's my own fault that I don't like them. I was experienceing a lot of swelling in my feet at the time that these socks were started and I made the cuff way too big for the way my feet and ankles are right now. I'm hoping that some very warm water will help that a little. By the time I got the socks out of the 'put aside' basket to finish them, my feet were not bothering me so much, so I switched to a smaller needle for the 'foot' part of the socks. The foot actually fits like a glove and if my swelling ever comes back I'm ready with one pair of wide ankle socks. LOL
This is the yarn for the next pair. I am going to call them my Monet Socks. I love these colors, they remind me of a Monet painting(wish I could get them to show up true to color). I have them cast-on and will probably knit a couple of rows of the ribbing tonight. but, I have 2 pair of CIC socks that are at the point of the toe decreases and I would like to finish them by Monday night. I still only have 18 rows of my FLAK cable swatch done. But unless things have changed since yesterday, I can do that on Tues and still have time to re-knit if it doesn't work out. I was over at Stitches of Violet Blog and looked at Marguerite's swatch, yesterday. It is gorgeous. I got mine out show DH today and it is beginning to grow on me.
I am taking part in the Knitting for Children yahoo group's Knitathon tomorrow. I think that I will work on booties for Warm Hearts/Warm Babies. I have about 2 dozen hats cut out for Parkland and dozens more that I need to cut out. But that will have to wait til next weekend at the earliest. I feel so selfish that I am taking such big chunks of my knitting time for things for myself. Last year about 99 percent of my knitting was for chairity. This year I am going to be doing somethings for me, myself and I. lol
Gotta go click my needles,


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