Monday, October 10, 2005

Mrs Busy Needles!

Knitting Blitz!
I had the needles clicking all weekend. I was able to get 11 preemie hats done for Knitting for Children's Lubbock challenge. I also got 3 pair of booties done for Warm Hearts/Warm Babies.
When I took this pic, I thought that I was done with the K4C knitting for the weekend. But I got a change to add another hat and the booties. Yeah! I am going to start back in on my CIC knitting now. I have been neglecting it. I really want to at least finish the 2 sweaters that I currently have on the needles to go with the one that I posted about a week or so ago. I had hoped to get at least one pr. of CIC soxies done too this month. We'll see.
I'm still looking for a j-o-b. So, that is slowing things down in the knitting time. If I actually get a j-o-b, I will really lose knitting time. Bummer. Can someone tell me why I was'nt born independently wealthy, please! This being poor is for the birds. hee-hee-hee. I really do have so much. I just want everything! My knitting time and money too. that shouldn't be too much to ask. lol
Am applying tomorrrow for a retail auditing position that dd3 turned down because as better one came along. Its only part time and she got something with more hours and more potential.
Gotta go vacuum and then get my needles clicking while I finish the laundry. yuk!
knitting is more better!
\Hugs, Dj


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