Saturday, October 01, 2005

Fun and Games

Having fun on the computer. Oh, yeah! It's been a royal pain in the neck. But, I finally got here.
This is a picture of the little sweater that I made for CIC for the fall challenge. I am not happy with the neck and may frog it and re-knit the neck opening. I stayed up all night last night to finish it. The particulars on yarn are in my last post. I have been looking all evening for a different pattern to use. That was kind of a waste of time. I may just modify this one. It was knit in one piece, from the bottom up and I prefer to knit from the neck down. I think I may justt try to turn the pattern upside down, sort of!

I don't know what happened, I just uploaded another pic. Well, I thought that I did. and Blogger told me that it had successfully uploaded. But, I don't see it here. Well, if it shows up when I publish this post, it is a pic of the last batch of sox that I sent to CIC for the summer of sox challenge. The pic isn't very good. They were such nice colors and they all just look dark in the pic. I don't have flash on my camera. It got dropped by someone on the pavement and that took care of the flast feature.
Well, I am calling it a night. More pics to come in future days if my puter continues to work.
Oh, cool! I just went back and edited and was able to add the pic!

Happy knitting,


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