Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Yippee, Skippee!!

I'm just so excited! I was so scared of the Marketsquares BAL, and now that I finally figured it out I feel kind of silly. It really is no big deal. I can't wait to finish up what has become my "never ending bootie project", then I will be able to get busy on the bag.
Speaking of the bootie project, I had a one pound skein of RH in baby pastels that I wanted to use up and Parkland Hospital and Warm Hearts/WArm Babies both are in dire need of booties. So, I decided to knit up the whole skein into booties. I thought this morning that I would get it done today. Hah! Not so. I must have enough yarn for 3 or 4 more booties. I haven't counted yet, but I think that I have about eleven and a half or 12 pair done so far. I hope to finish up tomorrow night during the Westminster Dog Show.
I also need to catch up with the Mystery sweater knit along. And I promised to teach a internet friend how to do a dog sweater like the one that I did for Bitsie. No scarcety of projects. And I like it that way.
on the computing front:
I still haven't had some quiet time to see if I can figure out more about how to enhance this blog. I want to add links and be able to share pics of my projects and my precious little fur babies. Well, everything in its time. And, yes I am still coughing and sneezing. Drat!
I'm knittin' fast as I kin,


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